SimplyPHP Tackle Their Latest Challenge And Help Raise 6.3 Million For The Segal Cancer Center

Jul 2014 - < 1 minute read

Normally when we think of IT companies, we don’t think of people running marathons and challenging long distances on bicycles. Well, SimplyPHP’s partners are not exactly normal! Tony Capozzi and Raphael Leroux accepted a challenge from two close friends. Raise $2500 each for the Segal Cancer Center, and bike 230km from Montreal to Quebec City. The four ended up surpassing the $10,000 goal by raising $18,351.00. This helped organizers raise a staggering 6.3 million dollars for this great cause.

“It was such a great weekend with so much positive energy that I was biking on pure adrenaline the entire weekend!” says Capozzi, an avid marathon runner.

The ride had a special meaning for veteran cyclist Raphael Leroux. It was only last year that a tumour was removed from his left lung. “I cycle 60km to and from work as often as I can. It was during one of these rides that I started coughing up blood. If I hadn’t been pushing my lungs every day on the bike, my tumour would never have been diagnosed. Cycling literally saved my life.”

SimplyPHP’s team on the road to help fight cancer.

Jul 2014