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System administration is the step that officialises the completion of your project. It’s a crucial one that not only ensures a smooth launch for your website, but also maintains the performance of your application. Once you have chosen a provider, or once you have accepted our recommendation, our System Administrator will carefully identify the server that is the most efficient and economical for your needs, configure the server side to run properly and secure your website.
With a certificate in LPIC-3, we can take care of all your needs for servers that run Linux. We work with both AWS and other Unix/Linux VPS platforms, we also offer Server Tuning, Troubleshooting, Backup and Monitoring services. See below for more details about each.

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Work with Nginx and Apache webservers.

AWS AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the hosting solution provided by Amazon. We ensure that your server is set up correctly and configured using the best practice. EC2 is used for hosting the website, S3 for static files and RDS for Database.
Unix/Linux VPS This is our specialty and the most common hosting solution for a web application. We take care of the server set up & configuration.
Server Tuning If your website is suffering a lack of functionality, our System Administrator can re-configure your server, optimize its performance, secure your web application and update your softwares.
Troubleshooting If you are having trouble with your server, we will investigate and identify the issue by analysing the logs, pinpoint the cause of the error and fix it.
Backup Backing up your data to a remote server is essential for keeping your web application safe in case of a security threat or disaster. It allows you to recover data that would otherwise be obsolete.
Monitoring Monitoring your server allows you to anticipate complications and resolve errors before they can affect the performance of your application. We can monitor for you or help you set up a monitoring server using Centreon so you can monitor it yourself.


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