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UX is a crucial step in product development. It's actually the first operation of the process : understanding the exact needs of the user.

Our designers will help you define your needs, detail your project from the user's perspective, build the functional analysis of your product and detect pain points and friction in your users' journey. We will help you focus on your customers needs, and advise on the strategy to lead your product to success.

Our process follows agile methodology. We define the problem to solve and the KPI, prototype, iterate and test. Begin your design process today

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UX Research UX focuses on human interactions and behaviours, adding context and insight into the process of designing a product. User researchers follow a strategic process in order to clarify design decisions, detail KPI, hierarchize information and define business needs.
User Interface DesignUI is the process of making an interface usable, efficient and pleasurable for any user. Designers focus on the usage of design principles such as typography, composition, space & scale, colour & contrast, depth, symmetry, repetition, balance and hierarchy.
Product design Product design combines UX and UI. Product designers help to identify and investigate your user's needs, and ultimately come up with a solution to craft, design, test, and ship your product. Designers also ensure to reach the KPI of your product.
Motion design Motion and animation design use graphic design principles in filmmaking or video production. Motion designers produce logo animation, 2d animation and video explainer for digital product.
Interactive design ID ads value to any digital product, interactive designers prototype transitions, and interactive experiences, such as interactive navigation or page transitions.
Tools Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - AdobeXD - Sketch - Invision Studio - After effects - Adobe Animate - Balsamiq


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Auction Marketplace
User Interface
Motion Design
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What is UX Research and Why Should I Care?

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