We’re Not India

Feb 2019 - 2 minutes read

In our industry, it becomes a challenge to identify your company as one who is not only located in North America, but who legitimately does not have any affiliation with any offshore country whatsoever. This is why we decided to cut straight to the chase and clearly state that We’re Not India.

When using “India” as a comparison to who we’re not, we are referring to the massive offshore web development machine and it is our way of acknowledging their overall dominance in the industry. We chose “India” because the majority of offshore development is based out of that country but it isn’t limited to that geographical destination. We have nothing against those from other corners of the world, we are simply not on the same scale as them.

The idea to use this slogan came to be while the Co-Founders of SimplyPHP were doing some research on competing web development companies. They realized that 9 out of 10 companies were either in India, claimed to be in North America but were actually in India, or in North America but subcontracting to India. All the while, they were more often than not being contacted by people searching for services offered at prices similar to the ones offered in India and found themselves repeating the words “Sorry, but we’re not India”. So much so, that they felt they should clarify this fact in an obvious way. What better way to send that message then to make it the official slogan of the company?

From a marketing standpoint, our slogan acts as a filter. We believe that we are saving time for both those who are and aren’t looking to work, directly or indirectly, with offshore developers.

If you are thinking of working with us, it’s important to note that here at SimplyPHP, we only use in-house resources. Our culturally diverse staff is made up of full time employees with annual salaries, benefits and vacation time. We never subcontract. We offer quality development at North American prices.


by Simplyphp
Feb 2019