Who we are

In 2010, Raph Leroux and Tony Capozzi acquired the Mentel company and immediately started to diversify with Web Development Services. Despite the challenges they faced during the first 5 years, they developed a few brands, including SimplyPHP. In 2018, they determined that SimplyPHP was the most successful department and decided to move forward solely with that brand. The decision of letting go of the Mentel name was painful, but they knew that refocusing all their energy on SimplyPHP would allow them to provide improved services to their clients. As of today, SimplyPHP employs over 40 full-time employees and occupies a 6,000-square-foot office.

We feel that we’ve finally found a simple formula to please our clients and be proud of our work. Communicate openly with your clients, put your Clients’ needs before your own, keep your developers happy, and be proud of the work that comes out of your company. We’ve learned that the combination of the above will always equal success.